AEON Citimart’s exchange policy is as follows:

1.     Exchange duration

·        Within 03 days for all of products

Note: This does not apply to products which cannot be exchanged


Product types


Dried, fresh, frozen and cooked food

Fashion, Beauty and Health

Underwear and cosmetics

Electronic devices

Warranted electronic devices


Discounted, liquidated, used and paid-by-installment goods

2.     Notification and return duration

·        Return duration: within 03 days upon receiving the product.

·        Return place: Customers can only exchange products at the store where the customer has purchased the product.

3.     Return conditions

·        The product has technical faults or is damaged by the manufacturer

·        The product has passed its expiry date, seems to have been used or is a replica.

·        The product is delivered insufficiently or is broken before customers receive it

·        Wrong product, wrong color, size or specifications.


4.     Requirements for returned goods

·        The product must remain intact with full cover, package, foam and instruction-for-use documents, components, accessories and gifts (if available).

·        The product must be sent along with VAT invoice, commercial invoice, warranty card and stamp. The Serial and Imei code in the system must match that in the invoice.

·        The product is not scratched, cracked, wet, spoiled by chemicals or modified.

·        The product has not been used (unless returned due to technical faults or because it seems to have been used by someone else)


Note: AEON Citimart does not apply a refund policy to customers, just apply change or return the goods only.

Please contact Customer Service to get more information

Hotline: (028) 3929 1068